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The 1987 FMCS yearbook was dedicated to the memory of David M. Benton. David passed away during the summer, before his junior year in high school. This is an excerpt from that yearbook:

"He was a treasured gift to us and our school. He was a member of the National Honor Society, starter for the varsity basketball team, had a love for baseball, and scored very high in his academics. But of the many things for which he is remembered, his love for Jesus is the one thing he would want us to look back on the most. David was a very special person with an overwhelming love for God - and it showed! He will always be a precious memory in our hearts and will constantly be thought of for who he was - 'a priceless child of God'. "

As families apply for scholarship funds, we ask them to also contribute as much as possible so more families can be helped by the budgeted money set aside for this project. Their finances are evaluated by a third party to help our finance committee make a decision for an award.

When you invest in this scholarship fund, students and parents are blessed in an incredible way that leaves them speechless and thankful.
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