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Our school is excited about addressing a need on our campus that is long overdue: a new K-5th grade playground on the west side of our campus. The last time we had a complete new playground for that areas was 1995 when:

-gas was $1.09/gallon
-average house price was $68,000
-Windows 95 was announced
-Michael Jordan announced he was coming out of retirement to play basketball again
-Bill Clinton was president
-and Toy Story was the top movie

Now in 2019 we have been blessed with some incredible gifts to start our campaign for this new playground and surrounding surface area. Our goal is $80,000. We only have $29,000 left to go for the project and cannot start until we raise all the funds. We need your help!

Please prayerfully consider donating toward this project to restore the central place of play and refreshment for our students here at FMCS. You can be a hero to our children by making a tax-deductible donation to help us purchase this brand new playground!
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